Phoenix International Massage School is a licensed massage school in the State of Texas. License# MS1095.  Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation authorizes Phoenix International Massage School to operate as a school to offer the Massage Therapy 500 Hour Course in accordance with Massage Therapy Law para 455.156 for License Requirements for Massage Therapists.

The mission of Phoenix International Massage School is to educate qualified students to become highly skilled professionals in Massage Therapy and its allied subjects and to be prepared for the job market with a high-level skill set.

To accomplish the mission of the school, we have established the following major goals to guide the operations of the school and to ensure that our students succeed in school, pass the national MBLEx exam, and begin their practice either in private practice or with their employer.

  • Provide holistic health and massage training for students to develop a career in the field of massage therapy. 
  • Develop and update curriculum that embodies the principles of holistic health and massage and prepares students to seek entry-level employment in massage therapy.
  • Hire instructors with appropriate educational credential and industry experience and train them to be effective teachers to facilitate effective learning and student.
  • Increase enrollments in existing programs so that the institution is financially successful and capable of helping more prospective students.
  • Instill in the student the importance of life-long learning and a desire of continuing education.
  • Promote the understanding and appreciation of ethical and professional practices in the massage therapy industry.
  • Emphasize the importance of effective communications in the business world and in working with clients.
  • Provide administrative and student support services that assure a satisfactory student experience while attending the school.
  • Offer career services that assist students in their search for employment in the field of study upon graduation as well as while in school.