Name of Program:       
Length of Program:

Credential of Award:
Mode of Delivery:

Massage Therapy 500 Hours  
450 Classroom Hours and 50 Internship Hours. 
15 weeks for classroom hours & up to 15 weeks for Internship
Transcript /Diploma
In Person / on Campus only

Shift Days of Week Time Weeks for Classroom Hours Weeks for Internship 
Day Mon. – Fri.  9:00AM-3:30PM15 Maximum 15* 
Evening Mon. – Fri. 3:30AM-10:00PM 15 Maximum 15* 
Please consult the attendance schedule for the holidays that pertain to your class. 

* Note:The Texas State requires a minimum of 500 hours for licensure. As an option,Students may choose to complete additional coursework.

* Your education at Phoenix International will thoroughly prepare you for the MBLEx, the State of Texas Licensing Exam. Monthly MBLEx review classes are free for students & graduates.


Business Practices & Professional Ethics – 45 hours

Anatomy – 50 hours

Physiology – 25 hours

Health, Hygiene and CPR – 20 hours  

Pathology – 40 hours

Kinesiology – 50 hours

Hydrotherapy – 20 hours

Swedish Massage Therapy – 125 hours

Trigger Point Massage – 18 hours

Sports Massage – 18 hours

Pregnancy Massage – 24 hours

 Reflexology – 15 hours  

Internship – 50 hours


Advance – Trigger Point Massage – 18 hours  

Advance – Sports Massage – 18 hours  

Advance – Pregnancy Massage – 24 hours 

Advance – Reflexology – 15 hours

Internship Expansion – 75 Hours



We offer various CEU courses every month for therapists to renew their license or to learn advanced special skills. All classes are taught by a state licensed CE provider.

·Thai Massage                           

·Trigger Point Massage

·Younger You Massage                  

·Pregnancy Massage


·Sports Massage

·Cupping Therapy                      


·Manual lymphatic drainage            

· Shiatsu

 …& MORE

Call for details.

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